Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor for one of the many events which we have the privilege of being a part of! Here at Crab Zone, we make every attempt to provide our customers the best price on their event shirts and products; but with our made-to-order, sublimation printing process, we know that our prices can’t compete with the “big box stores” for shirt printing. The ability for us to offer minimum qty orders of 1 and unlimited print colors does come at a price. Therefore, we’ve established a streamlined process for individuals and/or companies to be able to contribute however much they want to offset the cost of putting on a fundraising event.

A:  The short answer is 97% – $1.  Our credit card service charges us for every transaction they process; therefore, all we ask is for this fee to be covered by the sponsorship donation.  To track the sponsor donations, the donor and event sponsors can check our website for the total amount raised and who has sponsored the event.

A:  Absolutely!  We’ve only set this service up to hopefully make it easier to donate to the individual causes.

A:  This will be left up to the organizers to determine how the extra funds will be utilized, whether they’ll be used towards the next year’s event or added to the Foundation donation, etc.  We recommend contacting the event POC listed with the event for specific details.

A:  As you go through the steps to contribute, you’ll have the option to enter your company name or personal name…or you can just list yourself as “Anonymous”.

A:  As of now, no.  We’re going off the premise that size doesn’t matter and you want to contribute, not so much for the recognition, but to just help the cause.  If Crab Zone will be printing the event shirts, we will work with the event organizer on the final layout of all the sponsors.

A:  Honestly, you don’t…but to do so would go against every reason why I started Crab Zone.  We recognize that we are not the only ones who can assist you with your events or products but our reason for existence is to give back to the EOD community, especially the EOD Warrior Foundation, in any way we can.  That is why a portion of all our sales, EOD related or not, goes back to the Foundation.

A: If we get to a point where a sponsor’s logo will not fit due to space limitations, we will work with the event organizers and the sponsor to reach an agreement to still recognize you for your contribution. If an agreement cannot be made, then we will offer a refund of your sponsorship donation.

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