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About Our Printing Process

We currently use a process called “Sublimation” to print images on a wide variety of products or substrates; from apparel items to plaques to mugs and even phone cases and puzzles, just to name a few. The way we do this is by printing a digital image using special sublimating transfer inks onto specially designed transfer paper. Once the image is on the paper, it’s then placed under a heat press on top of a polyester or poly coated item (substrate). At 400oF, the ink turns into a gaseous state and the image is permanently transferred to the item.

Original Designs

If you have a great idea for a design but lack the time or expertise to create a digital rendition of it, then we can help you with that! We’ve partnered with several highly qualified graphic artists and designers who are more than capable of bringing your ideas to life.  The design fee for an original piece runs approx. $40 per hour and we will give you an estimation on the time/cost from the designer before any work is ever started.  Also, since the designers are contracted by Crab Zone and we know everyone is on a budget, we will not inflate your design fee and will only pass on the actual cost to you as it came from the designer.  Upon request, we will provide you with an electronic copy of your artwork but we’ll also maintain a copy for you in our archives.

Sublimations Limitations

There are some limitations to sublimation printing that you should be aware of. The first is that we cannot print “white” as a color because there is no white sublimation ink. Sublimation ink uses the colors of Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and Black to create the full spectrum of colors when printing images. Keeping this in mind, if your image has portions of it that are “white” in color, that space will be void of color when printed with the exception of possibly some grey shading for definition. You can get a better idea of what this means by looking at the printed example of the white feathers on the head of a bald eagle. When it was printed on a heather-blue blue shirt, the color of the shirt shows through where the white space was. On this image, you’re still able to tell what the overall picture is based on the grey shading of the feather’s definition and surrounding colors.

The second limitation is the type of materials which can be sublimated. This process works best with light-colored polymer-coated substrates, or 100% white polyester garments. You cannot sublimate onto cotton or dark fabrics. It is possible to print on colored garments, but keep in mind that since the ink bonds with the individual fibers of the material, the transferred image will take on the shade of the shirt color below it. It’s also possible to print on a mostly polyester garment but should never drop below 65% unless the “look” is supposed to be faded and worn.


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What We Print On

Just click on this link to see the different products we can print on. If you’re interested in something specific that you don’t see there, just email us through the “Getting Started” form below and ask about it. Since we’re constantly working to update our website with more products, we may not have been able to load it yet.


Several factors go into the pricing of your custom product. When you select a “blank” product to be customized, we’ve already included the material cost for the actual item, ink, paper and average printing time in order to simplify the process. The only factor left to be considered is the cost of any graphic work, shipping cost and sales tax for Florida customers.

The design fee for an original piece runs approx. $20-$40 per hour depending on the level of complexity in the design. We will provide you with an estimate on the time/cost from the designer before any work is ever started. An average time to create a complex custom design has been 4 hours. Once you’re ready to give the designer a “thumbs-up” to begin working on your original art piece, a $50 non-refundable deposit will be required which will be applied to your final total.

We are happy to accept print-ready designs which are typically a minimum of 300 pixels/inch. However, any requirements for us to convert an actual drawing/painting into an electronic format or make any modification edits to your artwork will result in a $20 processing fee.

An additional cost of $.75 per design will be charged if there’s individual variations to your custom work, such as placing different names or numbers on the backs of each shirt, etc.

Factors which do not affect the pricing are the number of colors used within an image and the quantity ordered.

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