11oz EOD Coffee Mug

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Sku: MG-0001

Quick Overview

This is our 11oz ceramic EOD coffee mug.  They have our EOD badge on the front and on the opposite side is the “Keep Calm and Suit Up emblem”.  These mugs are UV Protected, FDA Compliant, Microwave and Dishwasher Safe.



Categories : Drinkware

Mug can be customized for an additional $5 fee. Use the ‘Notes to Seller’ on PayPal to tell us what you want, or email us at eodcrabzone@gmail.com.

Regarding our shipping rate for this mug, we’ve sought the best rate to get these to you and have found that the USPS Flat Rate was the best method.  The good news is that we can ship up to 6 mugs under this flat rate…the bad news is that it’s pricy if you just want one mug.