Darling Nikki Slate

Sku: Nikki Slate

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Quick Overview

This particular product is our chiseled, 8” X 12” slate printed with our next pin-up, “Darling Nikki” and back dropped by a flag and Master EOD Badge. Only 50 of these will be produced and each one is serialized.



When I was recently looking around for new artists to design a variety of EOD pin-ups, I ran across the amazing artwork of Mike Cherry.  You can read about him on our “Contributing Artists” page where I would encourage you to follow the link to his FB page and see some of his other truly remarkable work.  The original graphite drawing of Darling Nikki will be framed and offered up, along with the 1/50 slate at the EOD Auction on 6 May, benefiting the EOD Warrior Foundation.