JERRV: Joint EOD Rapid Response Vehicle

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Quick Overview

We’ve partnered with an awesome company called Battle Bricks to be able to bring you these sweet EOD minifigure sets.
(Not sure what I’m more excited about…being able to offer these to you or finally having my own!)



Battle Brick Joint EOD Rapid Response Vehicle “JERRV”This beast of a set contains over 390 real bricks and one custom minifigure
This JERRV comes fully loaded with:
-Custom minifigure with M4 rifle, tactical helmet, metal detector, and custom body armor
-Seating for up to 6 minifigures (7 if turret is included)
-2 opening storage compartments
-Rotating gun position with light machine gun
-Minifigure controls for driver
-Removable roof for access to interior
-3 opening doors
-High wheel base for rough terrain
-Printed step-by-step instructions